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Message from the National President (12 May 2014)

Passion is defined as a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling, enthusiasm, or desire for anything. The youth certainly possess a lot of energy and passion. It is amazing how a spark can glare as the sun when ignited with passion and commitment. The youth's energy must be utilized properly and purposefully for them to fully grow and achieve their dreams and ambitions.

As we are given the chance to spread our wings and continue to expand the network, it is my sincerest hope that we, the members of VYLH Philippines, will allow others to be educated, empowered, engaged and to experience the things that we had that allowed us to fully grow and reach our goals and ambitions.

May we realize that the true meaning of passion is in the word itself already, that is, to drop "I" that represents one's self and leaving PASS_ON. As we move in the fulfillment of our networks goal, may our diversity and richness in culture and practices bring us to the peak of our success as one family.

My sincerest gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work, efforts, and unending dedication to the organizers of the CAR, NCR-South Luzon Youth Leaders' Orientation and Central Visayas Regional Camp. Our encouragement, hope and support continues for the rest of the regions and their promotion, expansion and growth.

To our new VYLH Batch E4 members, it is an honor and privilege to welcome you all to our growing family. May you be filled with passion and enthusiasm and continue to touch and positively change as many lives as you can.

For everything said and done. Daghang Salamat!
Let’s keep the fire burning.

Christian Emmanuel "Kuya Emman" P. Enriquez RN
VYLH-Philippines National President
2012 - present 

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