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Insights from the Central Visayas Regional Camp

Written by Melorens Dumas1 and Gilbert Domingo2
1University of Cebu, Batch E4, 2Silliman University, Batch E4
Updated 29 May 2014

Melorens Dumas
Joining the VYLH two-day camp held last May 10-11, 2014 at Intosan Resort, Danao,Cebu made a great impact in my life as a teenager. I met new people not only from Cebu but from different parts of Central Visayas (Region 7) and the whole Philippines. 

It’s rare for a student to have an advocacy but the network, VYLH-Philippines, never failed to persuade us. I found out that it’s not only for students who are in the medical or scientific field but it’s for everyone, every individual, who is after for a healthier society. I am really into joining different leadership seminars, both  local or national, but the VYLH-Philippines' Camp is one of the best leadership conferences that I’ve ever joined in. This one’s unusual, it’s really new! My heart was overwhelmed in knowing the fact that I’m of of the luckiest youth who was able to be a part of the network’s advocacy. 

The First day was of course the so called “Awkward Day”, although the other groups of delegates were already intact. Still, it was productive! The lecture of the advocacies filled our interested minds with more awareness about what’s happening around us. How in that very moment, a teenaage mother is giving birth. And how in that very minute, a dreadful defects can destroy a newborn’s life - if not prevented or detected.

We were blessed enough to have the chance of listening from very excellent speakers. Later that evening, the Team Building Activity tested our values and attitudes towards dealing with different people and situations. The activity strengthened our relationship and opened our minds to the reality that we are a part of this because we are instruments for change. 

The second and last day of the camp is the happiest yet the saddest part. Seeing the National Program Adviser, Dr. Carmencita "Tita Menchit" Padilla, in person really increased our motivation. I believe she was able to inspire everyone. The Talent Presentation and the Kalog Awards made the most impact on that day's activity. It was full of surprises and laughter. Indeed, it was remarkable. 

Words can’t express on how thankful I am to be a part of the VYLH-Philippines family. They only made me believe in one thing: in order for us to successfully fulfill our life on Earth, we should be a part of history, and the best way to make history is to help others and make them happy. 

Thank you, VYLH-Philippines! Let’s do this!
Gilbert Domingo

The VYLH-Philippines Central Visayas Camp was very memorable. I think it is a rare opportunity to attend an interesting, challenging and exciting youth leaders’ camp.

On our way to Danao, I thought about the many things that could happen in the camp – the new people I would meet, new knowledge that I would obtain, new family that I would value, and all the new things that would make my life different from what I am having right now. At first, I felt a bit awkward even with my co-delegates from Negros Oriental. I feared then that I would be out of place during the camp. But as the camp began, I met different kinds of people from various parts of the region. And as I got to know a bit of their personalities, I figured out how we shared similar characteristics – the traits of being a leader.  That idea made me change my mind about being a fish out of the water.  It made me feel that I am in the right group of people, and that I belong here.

Looking at the perspective of the participants, I could say that the Central Visayas Camp was very successful because all of my fellow youth leaders enjoyed the event. After seeing smiles on their faces on our way home, I am pretty sure that they learned a lot from the camp. Other than the details of the network’s advocacies, our professional lecturers showed us that the field you chose in life doesn’t matter in the advocacy. This made me realize that for as long as anyone has the heart of a volunteer, anyone can make a difference in our country.

To sum it up, I just want to say that I enjoyed the camp so much and I'm looking forward to the next. Thank you, VYLH-Philippines.

Melorens Dumas is the President of the Nursing Student Body Organization (NSBO) of the University of Cebu-Banilad Campus. Gilbert Domingo is an incoming Third Year BS Accountancy student at Silliman University. He was the President of the Duscian Sillimanites for AY 2013-2014. At present, he is the College Representative to the SU University Student Council.

Both of them belong to the latest batch of VYLH-Philippines volunteers. Batch E4 stands for Educate, Empower, Engage, and Experience. 

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