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VYLH-Philippines Fourth Anniversary Message from the National President

Indeed we have come a long way.

As we celebrate this year’s growth, I would like to share four points that I think we should remember.

Let us value the things that matters. Each of us has different experiences as volunteers. May we value the real essence of what we are fighting for.  May we also value the people who are with us as we move forward, and value the growth we have had for the last four years.

May we continue to have a strong and genuine desire to continue what we have started despite the difficulties and struggles we face in everyday. May we yearn to do more, to give more, to share more, and to live more for the good of oneself and others.

May we seek not just knowledge but rather wisdom for all the experiences that we have. May we continue to learn from each other’s stories and challenges.  May we continue to advocate the power of the youth to educate and become agents of change for a better, brighter and healthier Philippines.  And, may we continuously seek to learn and not limit ourselves to what we are accustomed to.

May we find hope amongst ourselves that despite the difficulties and challenges of being one at all times. May we find hope in the cause that we are fighting for, and draw strength from within as we continue to move forward towards further growth and development.  May we also find hope from every individual that we meet because there will come a time that things will be better off as they are now.

As we celebrate our 4th anniversary in our own unique and creative ways, may it be true to all to light four white candles representing our growth, and fly four VYLH colored balloons, where our wishes are tied, before sun sets at the end of this week.

May every VYLH cluster/division let go of their wishes for the organization and offer the purest of our intentions to the Almighty.

My heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity of being one among the few to be part of an organization one can always be proud to call our own despite the distance or challenges which everyone may find on their way back to a place we call home.

Happy 4th Anniversary VYLH!

In humble representation of your great accomplishments, my salutations and congratulations for another successful year full of values, yearning, learning and hope

With much honor,

Christian Emmanuel "Kuya Emman" P. Enriquez RN
VYLH-Philippines National President

Originally posted at the President's Facebook account.

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