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#HIGHFIVE Talk: 5th Anniversary Message From Kuya Emman

Words from VYLH-Philippines National President, Christian Emmanuel Enriquez of VYLH-Philippines Cebu Chapter on the organization's 5th Anniversary.

Words will not be enough to express how far we have come. I am humbled, honored and will forever be 
grateful to be part of something so grand not because of its increasing size but because of the value, 
effort, love and commitment the members of this organization have continuously shown all throughout 
this journey. 

Five years of friendship, experience, challenges, work, fun and five years of building a family so strong 
that was able to withstand even the challenges of time and calamity (typhoon Yolanda). 

To the Pioneers "The Visionary" I salute you, for planting the seed of which the fruits are what we 
harvest today. Thank you for your continuous, unending and unselfish support to make sure that the 
organization can move and reach its goals. 

To my batch mates K4 "The Creative Mind" I admire you, for your creativity, talent and enthusiasm that 
allowed us to conceptualize and deliver activities that are considered best practices in the hopes of
strengthening our advocacies. 

To our successors I3 "The Silent Worker" I congratulate you, for taking on the challenge and 
continuously doing the leg work of inspiring people and transforming them to become learned 

And E4 "The Future" I thank you, for accepting the responsibility of upholding the principles and 
advocacy of the network. You are the hope of the organization. 

Our existence would not have been possible without the support of our partners, mentors, advisers, 
secretariat among others who I consider as the backbone of the organization. To our Community 
Based Organizations, School Based Affiliates my sincerest appreciation for allowing your representatives 
to take part of the network's growth and journey. 

Indeed you are all GIFTS. It is amazing how the Almighty has allowed us to meet each other and has blessed this unique family we can truly call our own. 

May we continue to find light and inspiration from and in each other. May we continue to share knowledge, 
creativity and passion. May we continue to strengthen the advocacies of the network and reach wider 
coverage of transformed and learned communities. Finally may we continue to become GIFTS to 

That is to Give, Invest in Friendship, Time and Spirituality

The VLYH journey continues. Happy Fifth Anniversary! 

Salamat ug Padayon, 

Christian Emmanuel "Kuya Emman" P. Enriquez RN, MAN
VYLH-Philippines National President

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