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VYLH-Philippines celebrates Fifth Founding Anniversary

Written by Aple Dowanie Tadlas
Published Newborn Screening 
July-August 2014 Issue

Anchored on the theme “VYLH High Five: Educate, Empower, Engage and Experience,” the anniversary celebration was set to encourage every VYLH member to be updated with the current trends of being a volunteer youth. Coincidentally, July was also VYLH’s Organizational Orientation Month, a time when all member organizations are requested to reorient their members about VYLH-Philippines. Orientation sessions were held during the anniversary week and all of July.

Activities during the one-week celebration were not confined to the grounds, social media activity was also launched. The VYLH anniversary celebration used the official hashtags #HighFiveVYLH and #VYLH5thAnniversary, which volunteers could use on Facebook and Twitter. Volunteers were also invited to participate in social media campaigns such as High Five! (July 14), VYLH Five-orites (July 15), and IVolunteer (July 16).

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Traditional Pasasalamat. Through the aid of technology, VYLH-Philippines has annually conducted a Skype session in concurrence with a simultaneous nationwide dinner held at key locations in the country. Participanting core groups include NCR, Visayas and Mindanao. 

Street Fashion and Zumba 5inco. The streets of Davao City on July 12, 2014, were host to the Street Fashion Photo Shoot, the kick off activity of the 5th Founding Anniversary of the VYLH-Philippines in Mindanao. Organized by Mindanao young volunteers, the photo shoot showcased a collection of VYLH-Philippines apparel and other souvenir items given throughout the different conferences and congresses since 2009. The rest of the activities were slated on July 14-18.

Together with the Newborn Screening Center–Mindanao, the volunteer youth leaders spearheaded the highlight of the celebration, the Zumba 5inco for Health, a Zumba dance exercise open to all healthy lifestyle enthusiasts in Davao City. The event was held at People’s Park, Davao City, from 5:30 to 6:30 in the morning and was attended by 142 joggers, youth volunteers, and students from University of Southeastern Philippines and Mindanao University. A brief presentation about the VYLH network and its advocacies was also conducted before the program started. A free blood pressure checkup booth was also installed near the activity grounds. Free water and bananas were also given to the participants.


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