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Are you at risk for premature birth? Preterm risk factors and how to lessen the risk

Health Promotion and Advocacy Update
Info-graphics for World Prematurity Day and
Prematurity Awareness Month

Have you had a premature baby in the past? Are you pregnant with twins or other multiples? Do you have problems with your cervix or uterus?  If so, you are more likely to give birth early.

We often get questions from women wondering whether they are at risk to have a premature baby. What makes some women give birth early? We don’t always know what causes preterm labor and premature birth. However, there are some things that we do know make it more likely. These things are called risk factors. Having a risk factor doesn’t mean that you will definitely have preterm labor or give birth early. But it may increase your chances. Read the full article

Content Adapted from March of Dimes
Visuals prepared by VYLH-Philippines

March of Dimes. 2014. Are you at risk for premature birth? Accessed November 14, 2015 Url: 


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