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#HighFive: A Primer to the VYLH-Philippines 5th Founding Anniversary Celebration

Why do we celebrate July 18? 

It was on the night of July 18, 2009 when the pioneer batch of VYLs pledged their commitment to the network, and offer their voluntary service for the alleviation of health conditions, the alleviation of the public's awareness on the flagship advocacies of the network, and the mobilization of the Filipino youth for health.

On that night, VYLH-Philippines was born. 

Read more about the VYLH-Philippines story in our website.

Planned Activities #HighFive


  • Pasasalamat (The VYLH 2014 Skype-Dinner). A  simultaneous nationwide dinner held at key locations in the country. The Skype session will be held at 6:00 PM. 
  • Organizational Orientation Month. All member organizations are requested to orient their members about VYLH-Philippines. Orientation sessions are suggested to be held during the Anniversary week and the succeeding days of July. Orientation materials (PowerPoint presentations and printed materials) are available by request.
Social Media (Week-long)
  • Official Hashtags:  #HighFiveVYLH #VYLH5thAnniversary
  • Tag our official social media accounts in Facebook and Twitter (@vylhphilippines)
  • July 14 High Five! Prepare a fansign with “Happy High Five VYLH!” Invite 2 or more co-volunteers, friends, classmates, co-workers, neighbors, even strangers to have a groupie shot, holding your fansign. Make it as fun as you want it to be. Upload your photo on your Facebook Page, Twitter & Instagram accounts and include the official hashtags #HighFiveVYLH #VYLH5thAnniversary #VYLHFansignGroupie Don’t forget to tag the Volunteer Youth Leaders for Health Philippines Fan Page.
  • July 15 VYLH Five-orites. What’s your favorite? Pick five (songs, music videos, news articles, photos) that remind you of your most memorable VYLH experiences. Share a short description for each pick. Post them on your fb wall and tag the Volunteer Youth Leaders for Health Philippines Fan Page. Use hashtags #HighFiveVYLH #VYLH5thAnniversary #VYLHFiveorites
  • July 16 IVolunteer. Show some love! Upload a 5-10sec personal video sharing your biggest “why” in volunteering. Start your line with “I volunteer because __,” and end it with a greeting “Happy 5th Anniversary, VYLH!” Post your videos in social media sites using official hashtags #HighFiveVYLH #VYLH5thAnniversary #IVolunteerVYLH Also, tag the Volunteer Youth Leaders for Health Philippines Fan Page.
  • July 17&18 Let’s go back to the beginning! Upload a photo(s) of your most memorable moment(s) throughout your VYLH journey. Post them in your fb wall, IG and Twitter and tag the Volunteer Youth Leaders for Health Philippines Fan Page. Don’t forget to use the anniversary hashtags #HighFiveVYLH #VYLH5thAnniversary #UltimateVYLHThrowbackThursday and #UltimateVYLHFlashbackFriday

Launch of the Online Petition for a Rare Disease Act of the Philippines

Since it's inception in 2009, VYLH-Philippines has been conducting activities designed to increase the public's awareness on the plight and fight of Filipino with orphan or rare disorders. These 

Persons (mostly children) afflicted with a rare genetic disease are "orphaned" by society. They suffer from social abandonment because of lack of existing network of support to aid them. Medical help is elusive under the conditions of the country's health priority. Because the nature of rare disease (otherwise known as orphan disorders) are long standing, life threatening, progressive and require multidisciplinary care, essential treatment and supportive care likewise require lifelong administration.

Persons born with and afflicted with rare or orphan disorders are a vulnerable and special population. Despite the small population, like any other Filipino citizen, they too have an equal right to life and and equal right to access health support.

The law will put in place a permanent and sustainable mechanism by which the State shall institutionalize a system that is comprehensive, integrative and sustainable, and will facilitate the collaboration of various stakeholders towards the provision of early and sustainable care of every person afflicted with rare or orphan disorders. 

SIGN NOW. Click this link to visit the Online Petition Site.

Activities for VYLH-Philippines members and member organization:

NCR-South Luzon
  • VYLH-Philippines Orientation at De La Salle Lipa. About 150 students are expected to attend the said orientation. The activity was initiated by De La Salle-Lipa Biology Society which is one of the newly affiliated organizations of the network after their attendance to the VYLH-Philippines NCR- South Luzon Cluster Orientation held last May 3 (Rescheduled)
  • Newborn Screening Center-NIH (NSC-NIH) Laboratory Tour
  • Talk on Expanded Newborn Screening during the Anniversary Dinner celebration (Venue: TBA)

  • FlyFive. Symbolic release of balloons during the 5th Anniversary Celebration Pasasalamat Dinner.

  • Zumba 5inco (Cinco for Wellness). A Zumba dance exercise event and invitational event for Zumba dance groups in Davao. Scheduled to be held at 5:30 in the morning, the dance exercise will be followed by a brief presentation of the network and its advocacies. A Free BP Check-up booth will also be set-up near the activity grounds. (Venue: TBA)
  • Street Fashion/Passion Photoshoot of VYLH-Philippines Apparel. A collective of all VYLH-Philippines clothing and other souvenir items provided during conferences and congresses starting from 2009. 

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