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NBS Week 2013: Facing the Challenges of Expanded Newborn Screening

What is Expanded Newborn Screening?

To save more babies, the Department of Health (DOH) Advisory Committee on Newborn Screening (ACNBS) has approved the implementation of the expanded newborn screening. Starting January 2014, the expanded panel will include hemoglobinopathies and additional metabolic disorders, namely, organic acid, fatty acid oxidation, and amino acid disorders. All these conditions can be treated at birth, avoiding complications of no treatment. Basically, it applies the available technology to determine a wider range of congenital metabolic disorders. In the Philippines, it's the leap from 6 to 28! Hence, more babies will be saved. (Read more...)


Social Media
  • Suggested Facebook Profile Picture for NBS Week 2013. Volunteers and advocates of the NBS program are encouraged to change their profile picture in line with the NBSW2013
  • Tweeting support for NBS through hashtag #NBSsaves
  • Campaign for the Newborn Screening Reference Center (NSRC) Official Twitter Account @newbornscreeningph. 
  • Posting of NBS Facts and Trivia. NBS Facts and Trivias will be posted in the Official VYLH-Philippines Page. Trivia posts will also be compiled in our blog.
Note for brochure distribution activities: Let's tally the number of brochures given within the NBS week duration. Let's take note of this quantity since this will indicate the strength of our campaign. I hope we can post an update about the number of NBS brochure distributed by the end of the week.

Representation to the 2013 NBS Convention by Volunteers/MS Genetic Counseling Students.

North Luzon

  • Distribution of NBS brochure: (Oct.1-5) 
  • NBS Lecture in TNIC Youth and different Barangays in Nueva Ecija.
  • Meeting with the Brgy. Health Workers in promoting NBS and Follic Acid Supplementation. (Nueva Ecija)
  • Follic Acid Campaign and lecture to all mothers in Brgy. Talabutab Norte Gen. Natividad Nueva Ecija at Health Center.

NCR-South Luzon

  • An hour a day for NBS: brochure distribution (Oct. 1-5)
  • Cluster Orientation on Expanded Newborn Screening (October 5, 1-3PM) NIH


  • Live interview at Aksyon Radyo Bacolod for a strong Advocate of Newborn Screening in the City of Bacolod and in the Province of Negros.  (October 2)
  • Interview at Negros Daily Bullletin Newspaper  (October 3)
  • Live interview at Love Radio 91.9 Bacolod  (October 4)
  • Speaker SK Bacolod Youth Forum "Importance of Youth Participation in Health Advocacy; Newborn Screening awareness". (October 5)


  • NBS Hour, 3-4pm (c/o Mindanao Cluster, October 4)
  • NBS QUIZ BOWL - Valencia Sanitarium & Hospital (October 3)
  • NBS Lecture/Orientation at CHO-Valencia and Distribution of pink brochures to pregnant and pre-natal mothers  (October 3)
  • Week-long NBS, Folic Acid & Orphan Disorder lecture at Southern Philippines Medical Center OB-OPD & OB-ward (c/o VYLH-XI)  (October 1-7)
  • Distribution of pink brochures & signature campaign at Mountain View College c/o Plendy Oct. 4
  • Radio Plugging for the promotion of NBS Program at Radyo ni Juan (c/o Jeb Saludar) and Radyo Rapido  (October 3)
  • Health Education Orientation, pink brochure distribution and signature campaign during Convocation Program at Davao City Hall  (October 4)
Activities mentioned were contributed by the following:
  • Robin Albino (Nueva Ecija - North Luzon)
  • Israel Salanga (Iloilo - Visayas)
  • Robin Charles Ramos (Bukidnon), Aple Dowanie Tadlas (NSCM, Davao City), Jeb Saludar (DavaoCity-Mindanao)
  • Facebook Profile Picture/NBS Week Banner Template (c/o VYLH-UPLB, Gessa Ramos, The UPLB Genetics Society)
  • Christine Querubin (NCR-South Luzon Coordinator) for actively maintaining the Facebook Page of VYLH-Philippines and posting the NBS trivia.


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