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The Preterm Problem (2)

Health Promotion Update No. 3 – Series 2012
Health Promotion and Advocacy Working Group
World Prematurity Day Primer 

The March of Dimes Infographic
Premature Births: Crisis, Care and Prevention

Reformatted from the original Infographic by March of Dimes (

Key points presented:
  • Number of premature births worldwide.
  • Number of premature deaths in every 30 seconds.
  • Childhood (under 5) mortality rates brought by AIDS, Malaria and Diarrhea as compared to deaths due to premature birth.
  • The survival gap between low- and high- income countries
  • Percent of preventable deaths (even without intensive care)
  • Ways to prevent the increase in premature births:
    • Raise awareness
    • Educate girls and women
    • Educate front-row workers
    • Equip clinics
    • Fund research

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