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VYLH joins 2011 VisMin Reunion of Saved Babies

Written by DJ Buensalido (NSCV) and P Bermudez (NSCMin)
(Original title: 2011 Reunion of Saved Babies)
Pictures by VYLH-Philippines Volunteers
Originally published in the Newborn Screening Newsletter
Official Publication of the Newborn Screening Reference Center
Vol. 15 Issue No. 4. October - December 2011

More than 45,000 babies have been saved from death, mental retardation and other associated disabilities in affected infants since 1996, when newborn screening was introduced as a pilot project and subsequently mandated by Republic Act No 9288 or the Newborn Screening Act of 2004.

In line with the celebration of Newborn Screening Week, the Newborn Screening Centers organized Reunions of Saved Babies in Mindanao and Visayas on October 10 and 27, respectively. It was the first reunion held in Mindanao while second in Visayas.

The reunion in Mindanao was held at Abreeza Mall Davao City, which gathered more than 50 saved babies and their families in Davao Region. The event was organized by the Newborn Screening Center-Mindanao (NSC-M), with the assistance of the Volunteer Youth Leaders for Health - Philippines (VYLH). In Visayas, the reunion was held at the Holiday Plaza Hotel, Cebu City. The Center for Health Development – Central Visayas, in coordination with the Newborn Screening Center-Visayas, organized the reunion. Staff members from the CHD-7, Newborn Screening Center-Visayas, City and Municipal Health Officers, and the Volunteer Youth Leaders for Health (VYLH) from Cebu City graced the event.

VYLH-Philippines Mindanao volunteers during the First Reunion of Saved Babies - Mindanao last October 10, 2012

VYLH-Philippines Visayas volunteers during the Reunion of Saved Babies - Visayas (Cebu) last October 27, 2012

 Both reunions made it possible for parents to share their experiences and build networks of support groups. The events were packed with games and giveaways that filled the atmosphere with thanksgiving and laughter from both children and adults alike. In both reunions, parents shared their life stories and heartwarming testimonials on how newborn screening saved their babies. It aimed not only to encourage parents to be advocates but also to increase their understanding of metabolic disorders in order to help their children cope with their condition.

The children present in both events are all living proof that a simple drop of blood can save lives.

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