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VYLH-Philippines welcomes Batch Kabilin

Written by Lera Almendral (I3)

Batch Kabilin (Western Visayas) together with the facilitators and invited guests.

The Volunteer Youth Leaders for Health-Philippines welcomed Batch Kabilin, the newest batch of volunteer youth leaders during the Western Visayas Regional Camp held at Bacolod Pavilion Hotel last April 9-10, 2016. Kabilin is the Cebuano word for heritage and legacy.

Camp Starters. Volunteer Youth Leaders participating in the games "Hammer" and
"How well do you know your co- camper?"

With the theme, “Revolutionizing health promotion through youth participation”, the two-day camp introduced the participants to the organization and prepared them to be part of VYLH-Philippines. A total of 39 youth volunteers were able to qualify for the camp, 16 of which came from Negros Occidental and 23 from Panay Island provinces. Meanwhile, the camp was facilitated by selected volunteer youth leaders (VYLs) from prior batches (Pioneer, I3, K4 and Hiraya) as part of the tradition and conscious effort of the network of preserving its formation and heritage from each generation of VYL to another.

Guest speakers include Dr. Renilyn Reyes (Updates on NBS and DOH Programs), Mr. Val Peter Billiones (Youth, Volunteerism and NYC Programs), Ms. Yugie Caroline Demegillo RN (Newborn Screening) and Ms. Aster Lynn Sur (Pre-conception Health and Birth Defect Surveillance). The lecture on Folic Acid and its importance in the prevention of neural tube defects, and the Orphan Disorders advocacy of the network was discussed by Dr. Camilie Potato who is also a pioneer volunteer of the network. 

After dinner, the group proceeded to the much awaited team building activities and commitment ritual. During the team building, the participants were divided into groups composed of five members. Each group had to prepare a yell and perform it in front of the crowd and they have to complete the given tasks from each station. Indeed, each station taught all the members of the team the essence of hardwork, patience and teamwork—all of which are very important factors in the success of an event or an organization. The team building activity was then followed by the commitment ritual. The activity is basically the most significant part of the camp wherein each volunteer will have to solemnly pledge and uphold the principles of the organization. In the activity, the volunteer youth leaders were reminded that being a volunteer entails a lot of positivity and selflessness. The previous volunteers also wrote down love letters for the new set of volunteers to inspire them on their journey as members of VYLH-Philippines as well as to welcome them into the family. Afterwards, candles were lit one by one to symbolize burning desire and passion of the youth in building a healthier nation through the network’s advocacies. 

The VYLH-Philippines Commitment Ritual
During the second day of the camp, senior volunteer youth leaders of the network served as lecturers. VYLH-Philippines National President Christian Emmanuel Enriquez RN discussed the Role of the Youth in Health Issues while National Secretary Zapphire Zamudio talked on social media and the Filipino youth volunteer. After the lectures, Visayas Cluster Coordinator John Paul Oira facilitated the seminar-workshop on action plan construction and youth mobilization.

The series of lectures was followed by the regional planning session and the plenary presentation of provincial plans. During the regional planning session, the participants were divided into two large groups namely Negros Occidental and Panay Island to come up with different activities for each specific province.   

Day 2 Speakers and the Regional Planning Session
The camp ended with the showcasing of cultural presentations of the facilitators and the new volunteer youth leaders. The facilitators opened the VYLH-Philippines Social’s and Talent Expo segment of the camp as they danced to the tune of "Ang Sarap Maging Pilipino". Volunteers from Negros and Panay proudly exhibited their culture through the colorful festivals in their respective provinces. Definitely, VYLs are not only excellent in terms of volunteerism. We are also equally talented!

To new batch of youth volunteers, Batch Kabilin, we warmly welcome you all to the Volunteer Youth Leaders for Health-Philippines! Thank you for accepting the challenge to be part of this growing family. Soar high and keep on pushing! Aton ini! (Atin ito, This is ours!)


CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: After the success of the Western Visayas leg last April, we're now heading east! Calling all youth leaders of Central Visayas (Cebu, Bohol, Negros Oriental, Siquijor) and Eastern Visayas (Biliran, E. Samar, N. Samar, Samar, Leyte, S. Leyte).The camps are scheduled to be held on August and September 2016, respectively.

Lera Almendral @liralew is a BS Medical Technology graduate from Silliman University and currently works at the Silliman University Institute of Clinical Laboratory Sciences. She is one of the camp facilitators and member of the Social Media committee during the camp.

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