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Let's gear up for #NBSWeek2015!

Newborn Screening Reference Center
The implementation of expanded newborn screening in December 2014 provided opportunity for identification of more babies with life-threatening inherited conditions and timely initiation of appropriate management and care. This early diagnosis and management impact greatly on helping these affected babies live healthier lives.

There is no doubt that the active participation, support and dedication of our program partners will make the vision of saving all babies from mental retardation and death a genuine victory.

We have achieved a lot since the inception of the program in 1996. Let our efforts not end here as there will always be better ways to improve the newborn health care system of the country. Let us work together and share more celebrations of saved lives!

In this year’s celebration of the Newborn Screening Awareness Week, help us in our efforts to let the general public know about the benefits of newborn screening for the newborns and their families from October 1-7, 2015.

Help spread the word about this celebration either through the 15sec and 30sec radio commercials for your local radio stations or online by sharing the links to our brochures and posters so your health facilities can print them.


Make this your profile photo for
1. You can change your profile photo to expanded newborn screening (ENBS) logo from October 1 to 7 on Facebook, Twitter and any other social media sites. Remember to tell your friends or followers why you have changed your profile photo!

2. Are you a blogger? Check out the resources at and write a post for Newborn Screening Week.

3. #NBSWeek. Tweet your support to the program by sharing your personal thoughts about newborn screening or by tweeting one of the following:

• Pres. Proclamation No. 540 declares the 1st week of October each year as "National Newborn Screening Week" #NBSWeek

• It’s newborn screening awareness week, learn more about screening by visiting

• Learn about screening before giving birth at #NBSWeek

• New baby in the family? Be sure to ask your provider about newborn screening #NBSWeek

• Newborn screening is covered by PhilHealth. Ask your provider about it. #NBSWeek

• More than 20 disorders are now being tested. Ask for expanded newborn screening. #NBSWeek

• Expanded newborn screening is now available. Ask for it at the nearest health facility. #NBSWeek

Do not forget to attach the hastag #NBSWeek to your tweets. Tag @newbornscreenph and we will re-tweet (RT) your status.

4. Share your newborn screening experience or photo on Facebook or use one of these Facebook updates: 

• Newborn screening is a public health program for the early identification of disorders that can lead to mental retardation and death. Ask your doctor about newborn screening or visit #NBSWeek #ENBS

• Babies with metabolic disorders look normal at birth. One will never know that the baby has the disorder until the onset of signs & symptoms. Ask your doctor about newborn screening or visit #NBSWeek #ENBS

• The effects of the conditions being screened range from mental retardation to death, which can be avoided by early detection & management. Ask your doctor about newborn screening or visit #NBSWeek #ENBS

• Presidential Proclamation No. 540 declares the 1st week of October each year as "National Newborn Screening Week." Everyone deserves the best start. Please visit to learn about screening today. #NBSWeek #ENBS

• Check if your hospital/birthing home is among the 6000 health facilities in the country offering newborn screening. Visit #NBSWeek #ENBS

• RA 9288 established the National Comprehensive Newborn Screening System to ensure that every baby born is offered newborn screening. Please visit to learn about screening today. #NBSWeek #ENBS

• As a parent, I support newborn screening for EVERY baby! The 1st week of October each year is newborn screening awareness week. Please visit to learn about screening today. #NBSWeek #ENBS

• You can’t tell by looking at a baby if he/she has a disease that #NewbornScreening looks for. Every baby should be offered newborn screening. Ask your doctor about expanded newborn screening or visit #NBSWeek #ENBS

Use the hashtags #NBSWeek #ENBS in your status.

5. Change your Facebook cover photo using the banner.

6. Don’t forget to follow our Twitter account (@newbornscreenph).

Have you read the newborn screening brochures? Have you seen the newborn screening posters? You can download copies through this LINK. You are free to print and share them.

Have you heard the newborn screening radio commercial? Do you want parents and expecting parents in your community to learn about the benefits of screening? Download the commercials through this LINK and work with your local radio stations to have these commercials air from October 1 - 7.

If you participate in any of these efforts, send us your photo or details of your participation. We will feature all efforts in our bi-monthly newsletter. This is another chance for you to get involved and help save Filipino newborns!
This primer was provided by the:

Newborn Screening Reference Center (NSRC)
National Institutes of Health - University of the Philippines Manila
Unit 104, Building A, UP Ayala Land Technohub, 
Brgy. UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City 1104

Trunk lines: +632. 373.00.13 / +632.373.01.19
Fax: +632.351.79.03


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