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2015 marks the start of Expanded NBS

Starting this year, expanded newborn screening will be offered by newborn screening facilities nationwide. A tweet from the Newborn Screening Center (@newbornscreenph) prompted soon-to-be-parents to ask their doctors about the expanded program.

Before the end of 2013, the expanded panel gained the approval of the Department of Health Advisory Committee on Newborn Screening (ACNBS-DOH). Data of Filipino newborns screened in the California newborn screening program from 2005 to 2011 have prompted the formal recommendation of expanded newborn screening program in the Philippines to the ACNBS.

Included in the panel are hemoglobinopathies and additional metabolic disorders such as organic acid, fatty acid oxidation and amino acid disorders. All these conditions can be treated at birth, avoiding complications of no treatment. 


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